Best Tuna Fish Sandwich Ever | Harissa

Best Tuna Fish Sandwich Ever | Harissa



 1 Can (7oz 200 gr) tuna in olive oil

 1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

 1 Tablespoon of shallots chopped

1 Teaspoon Harissa 

1 Tablespoon non pareil capers

 1 Teaspoon roasted red peppers chopped

 1 Tablespoon of pitted green olives chopped

 1 Tablespoon of pitted Kalamata olives chopped

 1 Hard boiled pasture raised egg chopped 

Teaspoon of parsley chopped 

Pinch of chopped Tarragon 

Pinch of Thyme chopped 

1 Teaspoon of preserved lemons chopped 

1 Roma Tomato sliced 

5 Small Cornichons sliced in half 

2 Lettuce leafs

Bread (baguette or sliced bread)




 Put the drained tuna and all the ingredients (except for the tomato, sliced Cornichons and lettuce leafs)in a bowl and mix gently. Slice open the baguette, lay a lettuce leaf on each slice of the bread, spread the sliced tomatoes and Cornichons on the lettuce leafs and scoop in the tuna spread. Bon Appetit !

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