Harissa Hot Sauce as a condiment

Mustapha’s harissa is the gold standard and no other harissa compares! Harissa is a traditional hot sauce that originated in North Africa but is now popular across the Mediterranean and beyond. The exact recipe varies by region and family tradition; ours is Mustapha’s personal recipe, which he spent many hours perfecting in his kitchen. It is an all-natural harissa made in Morocco with Agadir peppers, preserved lemons, spices, and tomatoes, and contains no artificial preservatives. This delicious hot sauce has flavors of pepper and lemon, and delivers a temperate heat that delights the palate.

Culinary Uses   Harissa can be used to intensify the flavor of mild foods such as couscous and can be added as an ingredient to cooking sauces for an extra layer of flavor. It is also a delicious marinade or accompaniment for meat, poultry, and seafood, and can be incorporated into tagines (stews) and soups to heighten flavor. The vibrant, complex flavor profile of harissa makes it a very adaptable and fascinating ingredient to cook with.

Ingredients  Hot Peppers (Hot Peppers, Water, Salt), Bell Peppers (Bell Peppers, Water, Salt), Preserved Lemons (Lemons, Water, Salt), Tomatoes, Vegetable Oil, Garlic, Spices, Salt, Citric Acid.

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