Assortment of Fried Fish with Harissa

Assortment of Fried Fish with Harissa

My favorite plate to order when I am in my hometown of Tangier.  In fact I do order this dish when I am in a coastal town in Morocco.  It is called Friture de Poisson, which means fried fish.  Usually, it is a mixture of different fish like Calamari, Sword Fish, Anchovies, Shrimp, Merlan…etc.  it is served with a side of tomato sauce and Harissa. 

There is no recipe as this is something I only get when I am in Morocco.  But if you are interested in making it, all you have to do is bread the fish and fry it and serve it with lemon wedges and Harissa.

B’Saha, to your health!


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