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Capers are the flower bud of the low-growing, deciduous caper shrub that grows wild in Morocco and across the Mediterranean. Ours are hand-harvested from wild caper bushes in Northern Morocco, near Fes. Once harvested, the buds are separated by size, cured, and packed in brine. Caper buds have a delightfully intense, peppery, tangy flavor, making them the perfect zesty accent for many dishes. Non-pareil capers are the smallest buds, with a pleasantly firm texture.

Culinary Uses   Capers lend a zesty accent flavor to many foods. They are a delicious addition in sauces, puttanesca, antipasto, and over seafood. Also try them as a topper for bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon for a savory breakfast or snack.

Ingredients  Capers, Brine (Water, Vinegar, Salt).