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Saffron is a tantalizing spice harvested from the stigmas of the saffron crocus. Our saffron comes from flowers grown in Taliouine, high in the Atlas Mountains in southeast Morocco, without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Saffron from this region is recognized as some of the most fragrant and flavorful in the world, and Mustapha has developed a close relationship with growers in this region over many years of doing business together. The annual saffron harvest takes place each October, and can only be done in the early hours before the daylight prompts the flower heads to open. The flower stigmas are carefully harvested by hand, then dried and stored in a dark environment to maintain their quality.

Culinary Uses   Saffron is a traditional ingredient in paella and bouillabaisse, but its uses extend well beyond these classics. It brings aromatic flavor to many meat and seafood preparations, and can be added to tea blends for flavor, aroma, and warmth.

Ingredients  100% pure Taliouine saffron