• About Us •

Mustapha's Mediterranean is the delicious result of Mustapha's passion for the vibrant flavors of “the other Mediterranean.” Mustapha grew up in Morocco, where he developed a deep appreciation for the wonderful gourmet meals that his father prepared using fresh ingredients selected with care from the markets of Tangier. It is Mustapha's dream to share the flavorful ingredients of his homeland with home and professional chefs in his adopted country. The longstanding culinary traditions of Morocco and the larger Mediterranean are centered around versatile, healthy foods that are found abundantly across the region, including olives, lemons, capers, and sea salt.

These foods are rich in nutrients and aromatic flavor alike, making them the perfect components for modern cuisine. Mustapha scours the region to source ingredients of outstanding quality directly from the producers. This way of doing business supports communities that rely on food production as a source of income, and ensures traceability and exceptional quality.

• Mission & Values •

Our Mission

Provide the intense flavors and health
benefits of a Mediterranean diet.

Our Values

Sustainability, Traceability, & Fair Trade.

Mustapha's Mediterranean adheres to a strict policy of responsible product sourcing. That includes following the European standards for sustainability, traceability and fair trade.

• From Mustapha •

My name is Mustapha Haddouch. I am the founder of Mustapha's Mediterranean Products.

Not the Mediterranean most are familiar with, however. I was born and raised in Morocco. Although I have lived and worked in the food business in the U.S. for 30 years, I have been involved with and loved the foods of Morocco, Spain, Portugal and other parts of North Africa all of my life. It is the flavors from this “other Mediterranean” that I would like to introduce to you.

My personally selected line of wonderful and vibrantly spiced products comes directly from the finest sources in Morocco and the “other Mediterranean.” These include first cold press extra virgin olive oil, peppery harissa, smoky argan oil, sweet and fragrant preserved lemons, natural sea salt, tangy capers, and caper berries.

I feel confident in saying that any of these products will add a rich and delicious flavor to your current favorite meals. Use them with either familiar or new recipes, and create dishes your friends and family with truly enjoy.

I hope you will try some of the spices and flavors that have so long been a well-loved part of my life in your own cooking. I think you, too, will come to appreciate all that the "other Mediterranean" adds to your meals.